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There are no limits to your playfulness ...

    Build your own shape and color combination of the carpet, which you can change at any time.

You can combine squares (100cm x 100cm) as standard. You can choose from  10  basic colors .      Other shapes, dimensions and colors are possible within custom production (semicircles, triangles, always a minimum order of 5 pieces of one color).


    You can assemble and fasten any piece with another piece, no matter the color, they are compatible so that on each side  carpets can be attached another.
For example, you assemble a carpet in the shape of L, T, Z, etc. 

sewn, non-slip , quality rugs with a zipper.  
    The carpets can be washed in a washing machine at 40 ° C and the paint and anti-slip layer do not disappear. You can also dry the ZIPPERS in a dryer .



How do you set up ZIPZAPÍKY at home?
variabilně sestavitelný koberec
fuchsiový zipík
modré variace koberce na zip
olivově zelený a hnědý koberec
modrý zipík
design koberce oranžová hnědá
koberce na zip v koupelně fialová
odstíny hnědé  koberce na zip
zelený zipík
variabilně sestavitelný koberec
koberec pratelný žlutá zelená
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