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Take two zippers  and fasten the zippers together. 
Follow the pictures.




The zipper is equipped with a zipper on each side. The zipper or zipper is sewn to the carpet.
You can assemble and fasten any piece with another piece, no matter the color, they are compatible so that on each side
carpets can be attached another. For example, you assemble a carpet in the shape of L, T, Z, etc.




Zipper pins are sewn, non-slip, high quality. 
The carpets can be washed at 40 ° C, see symbols, and the color and anti-slip layer do not disappear. After washing, simply flip the zipper onto the dryer and let it dry.
You can also tumble dry, see symbols.
You must not iron the carpet!

The zipper on the carpet is not an obstacle to stepping on the carpet, the zipper is specially modified so that it does not have a drawstring.

Zipzapík is designed for floors with linoleum, tiles or floating floors



Watch the video:

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