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About us, who we are and how the zipper carpet was created ...

Good day,

Thank you for being here, the "About Us" story best describes an article by a great journalist, Mr.  DARIUS NOSRETI, who wrote as follows:


When two mothers go to business on kindergarten ...

A budding businesswoman from the Těšín region, Gabriel, turned to me for advice in the field of marketing 
Short and surprised me with her ingenuity, perseverance and courage. Together with their sister and colleagues, they invented their product - zip carpets - from A to Z and managed its production and placing on the market. I decided to find out in today's interview with her in the comfortable chair of the Forum shopping center about how a woman can become a businesswoman.


Darius: Gabriel, how did it all start? When did you become interested in making carpets?

Gabriela: I was just on maternity leave with my daughter Darinka and during one visit to my sister Míša, who was also on maternity leave with her daughter Julia, we complained to each other about how we still have to clean up and how hard it is. We also got to the fact that we have to vacuum and clean the carpet every day, because it is eternally dirty from sponge cakes, juices, crayons, plasticine and everyday life with children. We dreamed together that we had a rug that would simply go in the washing machine and wash. We have come so far that we have been looking on the internet where to buy such a rug under the table.


Darius: And you found it?

Gabriela: We've found that a lot of people are thinking about how to clean carpets, and a lot of companies offer differently complex procedures for this purpose. But we did not find a real carpet for the washing machine.


Darius: But you didn't give up ...

Gabriela: I went home and the thought didn't let me sleep. For the next few days, I looked for carpets without complicated maintenance. When I met my sister again, I found that she couldn't sleep either, and she figured out how such a rug could be big, bright and machine washable at the same time. She made up a zippered rug. A carpet that closes and opens again and can be washed in small parts in the washing machine.


Darius: Great idea! But what needed to be done to implement it?

Gabriela: As soon as my sister told me the idea, I didn't let it go. I started looking for a technical solution - cutting paper squares and trying to zip them together so that they could be connected to other squares, I turned and directed the direction of the zippers on the squares indefinitely - my creativity had no end. In the end, I managed to figure out how to connect an infinite number of squares. My husband and I even decided on another switching option. The carpets were functional, at least on paper.


Darius: What about market research? Did you think about the possibility of sales at that time?

Gabriela: At that time, we made up the carpet more for our own use. But when I talked about the idea with anyone in the area, everyone liked it. Everyone seemed to be dreaming of something like that. I thought I'd make a rug. The next phase began, namely how to get a rug that meets all the requirements for quality and washing in the washing machine. At the same time, it should be as beautiful as possible, because mothers with their children finally deserve beautiful and functional carpets, which can be white and in which they do not have to scrub every stain. You know that, don't you?


Darius: I know, even though I'm more interested in carpets resistant to wine and flower stains today.

Gabriela: You see. But getting material, both nice and functional, was not easy at all. I found out that the whole world sells the same carpets, and if I wanted to make something to my liking, I would have to buy the whole truck straight away. So I started buying every rug on the market that was a little like my idea. I cut the carpets into squares and tried to sew zippers on them. But it was quite a problem - the carpets were not adapted for anyone to sew anything on them. And they didn't go to the washing machine either. It seemed like an insurmountable problem, but that's exactly the fuel needed for my research engine.


Darius: I had no idea that businessmen and mystery scientists are so close!

Gabriela: And also detectives ... After a long search and negotiation, I finally found a manufacturer who made carpets to measure, according to the assignment. The factory is even the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, so another important aspect has been added to its functionality and washability: "made in the Czech Republic". However, even that was not without problems, during the first delivery other issues appeared to be solved and resolved. Finally, with the support of my aunt - seamstress and sisters, we successfully sewed the first zippered rug, which has all the necessary "best" we have come up with and dreamed of.


Darius: At that time, however, it was already starting to be a business project ...

Gabriela: I decided to use my sister's product and idea and offer it to other mothers. We started a company and started a business - two mothers on kindergarten. Because we did not have the initial capital and we borrowed to establish a limited liability company, we solved everything with a minimum of costs. The only thing I didn't skimp on was getting and registering a utility model. I studied everything and approached the experts. The website was made by a brother-in-law, with my financial budget and calculation helped my husband and aunt sewed a few more samples. We used everyone who let in and did something. We bought the sewing machine in the bazaar and bought the business cards for the last money. Starting a business was lengthy, difficult and unprofitable.


Darius: I can't imagine starting a business without credit, investment and suitable premises.

Gabriela: I don't get it today either. We only had the idea and support in family and friends. But developing and manufacturing and creating a company was far from the most difficult task. I wanted to have the sales secured by a customer company with its own distribution, and after several meetings with people who supply the retail chains, I found out that this way would not work because we did not have promotional materials and free samples and the product was high quality and therefore relatively expensive. . The Czech customer is just learning to pay for quality - and the dealer with it. Every article between us and the end customer wanted an incredible 100% profit, which made the product unsaleable due to the cost of production.


Darius: That must have been a shock.

Gabriela: It didn't deter me and I started offering carpets in apartments and family houses. Thanks to my friends, I made appointments. Friends approached their friends and neighbors and invited other neighbors to the shows, and the company at the show was great. We even sold carpets at a relatively high price - then it was even higher than today. I note, I have never done anything like this. I learned from my own mistakes. I also tried selling through advertising on social networks and various discount machines. Everything was sold, even in Prague, even without trying the material, just through the e-shop. But I still had my idea to deliver to stores and I don't give up. I wrote a business plan and addressed a few investors. I managed to find the person I needed. He was excited about the product and saw the potential. A person who knows and knows business and wants to invest in our company. I was surprised that during our "courtship" he especially appreciated my diligence, hard work, courage, enthusiasm and drive. Together we visited the trade fair and exhibition in Hanover, where we solved the problem of expensive production. We found out potential competitors and new suppliers.


Darius: You're starting to think like an experienced businessman. Aren't these big changes for mom to maternity?

Gabriela: It's all going very fast, we have a new companion. We already have the finances and we have created a strategy that has a head and a heel, according to which we now follow. We created promotional materials and flyers, roll-ups and color swatches. We found an experienced businesswoman, we agreed on cooperation. I even arranged a subsidy for employees from the employment office, so it will help us a lot at the start, to pay her salary. We set up a new establishment, bought a car, phones and divided the terrain. We shared a common calendar and a spreadsheet for contacts. I also have appointments in beautiful shops in Brno. I know that we will solve problems on an ongoing basis as they come, and I look forward to them.


Darius: Thank you for the interview and I wish you good luck and satisfied customers.

Gabriela: Thank you.


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