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We are preparing for you - Sale on installments!

In our e-shop you can buy carpets in zipper and in installments. Repayments are provided by Cofidis.

Special-purpose revolving loan

Revolving loan is a flexible credit reserve that offers the possibility of purchasing goods and services:  

Product characteristics

• loan from CZK 3,000 to 150,000

• optional number of installments (up to 60) and the amount of direct payment

• a unique consumer loan with the possibility of repeated drawing within one loan agreement

• further purchases are paid from the given contract up to the amount of the available credit limit

• credit insurance

• no fees for granting a loan, maintaining a credit account, etc.

• early repayment without penalties

• the possibility of faster repayment in extraordinary installments



Credit insurance

The loan can be arranged with insurance. The amount of the monthly premium is 0.50% of the financed amount.

Insolvency insurance covers four claims:

• loss of employment

• temporary incapacity for work

• complete and irreversible loss of independence

• death


General conditions for granting a loan


Benefits for the client

• loan flexibility - variability of repayment period,

   direct payment

• immediate financial cash for implementation

   purchases, additional purchases under additional


• loan free of charge

• loan without the need for a co-applicant

• by increasing the installment, it is possible to reduce interest and

   repayment period

Required documents and conditions

• client's ID card

• the second proof of the client's identity

   (eg driving license, passport, etc.)

• proof of income for loans over CZK 50,000

• a citizen of the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic with permanent residence in the Czech Republic

• age 18-75 years

• a permanent source of income

• valid telephone contact

Product variants

Classic loan

• payment is optional

• repayment period 6 - 60 months

• The product allows the client to repay a lot

low installments

Loan without increase

• direct payment is optional

• repayment period 5 - 10 months

• zero increase for the entire repayment period


• action product with limited validity

• required partner participation

Postponement of the 1st installment

• direct payment is optional

• repayment period 6 - 60 months

• possibility to postpone the first installment by up to 3


• action product with limited validity

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